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“Education, more education, education made perfect is the only panacea for our country`s ills and evils. With more and real education I daresay we can easily raise the general level of intelligence of its teeming millions, create, in its future generations, the habit of clear and deep thinking and of appreciating new values that turn the acquisitive impulse of its people from its present direction to the direction of truth.”

Revered Sir Anand Sarup Kt., August Founder of Dayalbagh

These words convey the unshakable faith in education as a means for inculcating the ideal of better worldliness upheld by the August Founders of DEI. The aim of the institute’s founding fathers was to evolve the superman of tomorrow. In pursuance of these lofty ideals, the genesis of education in Dayalbagh was the opening of the Radhasoami Educational Institutes (REI) on January 1st, 1917 by Sir Anand Sarup, Kt., the fifth Revered Leader of the Radhasoami Faith. From its modest beginning, the nucleus in the form of the REI, not only grew and got divided but also spawned new institutions in response to the changing and evolving needs of society.

Significant development of far-reaching consequence in the history of education at Dayalbagh was the establishment of the DEI as a Registered Body in 1973, which integrated and brought under one umbrella all the educational institutes of Dayalbagh. In 1975, the Institute formulated an innovative and comprehensive educational policy with the mission objective of evolving a “complete man” which received approbation from the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the University Grant Commission (UGC), and the Ministry of Education and Culture (Department of Education). On May 16th, 1981, the Government of India declared the DEI, Agra, comprising of the DEI women`s Training College, REI Degree College, Dayalbagh as a Deemed University under Section 3 of the UGC Act. Accordingly, the three erstwhile colleges ceased to exist as separate entities and began functioning as the faculty of Arts, Commerce, Education, Engineering, and Science from the academic session 1981-82. The Institute has since been accorded the Membership of the Association of Indian Universities.

The Institute is located amidst the tranquil environs of Dayalbagh, a self-contained colony renowned for its serene environment and secular establishing, in which its inhabitants lead an active, disciplined and co-operative community life, conforming to the high spiritual ideals of their faith. On the outskirts of the historic city of Agra, the campus is situated in idyllic surroundings, away from the din and noise of the city. Nestled between lush green fields, it provides an excellent academic setting which is in harmony with nature. This, along with a simple, disciplined and principled life, undoubtedly contributes to the strength of the social, moral and spiritual fiber of the institute`s educational system.

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Historical Perspective

“Education, more education, education made perfect is the only panacea for our country`s ills and evils. With more and real education I daresay we can